Friday Bird Notes, Nov. 7, 2014


From 2 to 4 Canvasbacks are reported from Mt. Hope Lake today (Dave Bernstein, Chris Thomas). This is not an easy species to find in Morris County during some years. Only three other reports are recorded for 2014, all from March and all one-day wonders (click on the date to see the report): March 10 at Loantaka Brook Reservation (see the superb photo by Jim Gilbert); March 23 at Lincoln Park; March 27 at Lake Musconetcong.

Snow Buntings

Three Snow Buntings remain faithful to the municipal beach area at the southern end of Budd Lake (Chris Thomas, Alan Boyd, Tom Halliwell). This is another difficult species to locate in Morris County during most years. Twitch it while you can.

Snow Bunting

(Snow Bunting at Budd Lake, NJ, Oct. 7, 2014, photo by Chris Thomas)

Sandhill Cranes

Two Sandhill Cranes returned to Randolph Road, Franklin Township according to a JerseyBirds post from yesterday, November 7. The two cranes were eBirded by Steven Albert today.

This marks the eighth known consecutive year Sandhill Cranes are frequenting this section of Franklin Township. Also, as far as is known, this is the earliest they are recorded on their return in the autumn. Late November was previously thought to be their usual return time frame. It will be interesting to see how increasing development in the immediate area will affect the crane’s fidelity to these wintering grounds.

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