Wednesday Bird Notes; NJDEP Raptor Reports, Dec. 24, 2014

Cackling Goose in Morristown

At 8:00 AM, 350+ Canada Geese were in the west end of Speedwell Lake in Morristown already peeling off and heading towards their daylight rounds. As the geese numbers thinned, a Cackling Goose floated out of the back of the remaining Canada Geese. It is possible this is the same individual that was photographed Sunday by Chris Takacs at nearby Foster Fields during the Boonton Christmas Bird Count. Eventually, the Cackling Goose left with some Canada Geese.

Redheads, Horned Grebes at Lake Parsippany

Lake Parsippany continues to host 3 Redheads (1 drake; 2 hens) this foggy morning. 2 Horned Grebes at the north end of the lake become Boonton Christmas Bird Count “count week” species as they were missed this past Sunday.

Franklin Twp. Sandhill Cranes at Different Location

The 8 Sandhill Cranes were reported from Franklin Township this morning, but not on Randolph Road. The observer saw them next to 216 Weston Road (Markian Jaworsky via eBird).

Raptor Reports

The New Jersey Department of Environment Protection (DEP) Division of Fish and Wildlife has released the 2014 reports on three raptor species it manages: Peregrine Falcons, Ospreys and Eagles.

As the DEP states: “The reports detail the management efforts and results of Division staff and dedicated volunteers. This work would not be possible without public support. Donations to the program can be made on the NJ state income tax return (Line 58 – check-off for wildlife) and through Conserve Wildlife License Plates.”

The Bald Eagle Report is of local interest. There are now 173 documented nests in New Jersey: 3 in Somerset County and at least 5 in Morris County.

The reports are available at


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